Today, EGIA introduces a new generation of skin care that combines the most advanced technologies with the best of Nature and tradition. Drawing on years of experience, the EGIA scientists have perfected original, unique formulas that are concentrated in high-performance dermal-active ingredients. Formulas that protect, reveal and enhance skin comfort well being and beauty. Formulas that offer a wide range of effective solutions to help fight the harmful effects of time, stress and pollution…..and to let rediscover at last the pleasure of truly balanced skin.

During research carried out on the simultaneous use of various active skin care ingredients in the treatment of devitalized skin EGIA biochemists have been able to assess the determining role played by specific ingredients most of them of natural or biotechnological origin in the process of cell development, regeneration and protection (flavonoids, peptides, glucosides, vitamins and minerals).
By selectively combining regenerating, scavenging, moisturizing and firming substances with natural botanical extracts EGIA cosmetologists have developed facial and body treatment products with spectacular activity and application results.

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